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We’re here to make a difference

Since its inception in 2001, Capital Leaflets swiftly established itself as a prominent force in the direct mail industry, building a remarkable reputation and solidifying its position as a key player in the field.

Our Mission

Our mission is to take each and every project as equally important and closely work with every client helping them to get the best return from their Leaflet Delivery Campaigns.

Our goal is to deliver best-in-class design, print, and distribution services providing a smooth experience to all our clients across Ireland.

Capital Leaflets Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to support local and national businesses in Ireland to adopt the different scopes and opportunities of marketing in order to sustain and grow in this dynamic and ever-changing business environment.

Meet our team


Our delivery teams are our most valuable asset and are the reason why Capital Leaflets has grown and continues to be Irelands most reliable Direct Mail Company. We work with full-time uniformed delivery staff, on top of this each team is managed by a trained supervisor to ensure the highest level of service and ensure the highest possible delivery penetration.

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Supervisors stay with the team during the deliveries and ensure that the delivery route is followed exactly; each road delivered to is highlighted on a detailed map. The supervisors also conduct random Knock on Door checks on every map. Our supervision team with input from our sales team is responsible for the planning and execution of all deliveries in Dublin and across the country. They hold daily meetings with the account managers to discuss the needs of all clients and make detailed plans for all deliveries, this helps ensure that all distribution deadlines are met and any queries are resolved in the shortest time possible.

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Account Managers

Our Account Managers has over twenty years of experience in the direct mail and leaflet distribution and printing industry. Every client has their own account manager who will work closely with you on the design, print, planning, and execution of your campaign to ensure you get the best return possible from your marketing budget.

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Quality Control Experts

We have a team of quality control experts who conduct in-depth random phone checks on all teams and compile detailed reports for clients. They work closely with the delivery teams and management to ensure that there are no gaps in the distribution of levels of service.

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Graphic Designers

Our team of expert graphic designers and copywriters are experienced on which designs, headlines, and offers are producing the best results for our clients. We learn from and build on every success. That’s what we mean by proven results. With us you don’t just get a beautiful leaflet or brochure design. You get a beautiful piece that is designed intentionally to produce the best possible response and result for your business.

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